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The change of the tourism industry in the next decade

Date: 2019-12-31

As one of the world's largest industry, the growth of the global tourism industry is rapidly accelerating, created a huge opportunity for everyone.

When we usher in the New Year, we will also usher in a new decade.Now is not only a bet on the future, but also review our industry has gone far from time to time.

Since 2010, the discussion of the industry and forecast is multifarious, the industry is recovering from the global recession, but its long-term effect is unknown;People more and more interested in travel experience, this led to the uncertainty of business as usual;COINS, enhancement, and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and voice to a heated debate over the influence of the industry.

These has some impact has some mistakes, the recession has made the industry relatively unaffected, but subject to the influence of the global turmoil;Travel experience is real, and is booming, is currently promoting;Some of these technologies have had an impact, has forecast engine and chat robot of artificial intelligence, and to integrate the travel search and booking to Alexa and Google voice in the Assistant equipment.

If you don't mention has grabbed headlines direct booking of war, that is our dereliction of duty.

Fortunately, since then, we've made great progress, eased the dialogue, and through the accommodation partners for more cooperation with us, to use our technical advantage for them to solve unique business challenge, which will be the struggle to the climax.

Marriott is a good example, we jointly announced a "industry first" distribution solutions, known as "I just saw an elephant fly" moment.

In the New Year and the next ten years, we have our some forecasts - the forecasts will be for travelers to eliminate friction, bring more flying elephants.